You Can’t Please Everybody…Nor Should You

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“When we hold back and dumb down, we are hurting the people who need to hear from us, often in a vain attempt to satisfy a few people who might never choose to actually listen.”
– Seth Godin, Blog post “The 2% Who Misunderstand You”

We all suffer from the need to please, to be accepted and avoid criticism, embarrassment and shame. Yes, shame and if you really want to know what is behind most of our behaviors, I highly recommend reading the work of Brene Brown.

Finding our niche, our tribe, our voice requires us to take risks over and over again. Many people WANT to start a new business, write a book or blog, or speak up about something about which they feel passionate…and yet, how many never do it because they fear they may make a mistake, fail or do or say something that “someone” won’t like? Sound familiar?


If you aren’t feeling nervous, wondering what will happen or maybe even more than a little bit terrified, then you’ve lost your focus. Stop. Remember what it is you really want to say or do that comes from the bottom of your heart. That “drive” to tell the truth, jump into the abyss without knowing what will happen…find that and just this once, do what YOU want to do and see how you feel. I can guarantee, regardless of what happens, it will set you free to do it again.

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