Was There Spinach Between My Teeth?

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searchYou thought it went pretty well. In fact, you left feeling hopeful and jazzed about talking again in the near future. Time passes…

You try not check your email every 2.5 minutes or listen for your smartphone’s crazy bird chirp. 

 ”She’s just busy. I need to learn to be more patient. Do I need to call her to follow up?”Oh, yeah…I already sent an email saying, “enjoyed meeting you and look forward to talking with you soon.”

More time passes..too much time in fact to support the story you made up about why she never got back to you. Like it or not, you enter the crash and burn of rejection…

It can happen when you meet someone for a coffee date or finally get an interview with the company of your dreams!  No matter the circumstance, when you don’t get a callback, it feels like someone dropped a boulder on your heart and soul. She doesn’t want meStruggling to make sense of it, you conclude that it must have been something you did or said, or didn’t say. You failed somehow. Or did you? 

 Try something different the next time someone doesn’t get back to you. Go to gratitude. Maybe, just maybe, you dodged a  bullet! Perhaps that company or that prospective “partner in life” didn’t share your values. Maybe “success” would have resulted in unhappiness and settling for less than you want and deserve. Trust that there are better things waiting right around the corner and that now you are free to receive them.



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