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I was watching Ashton Kutcher do a rendition of Steve Jobs last night and wondered if he had any idea what that role would require of him?

Jobs was a complicated man and the love-hate relationship people had with him lives on. Unless you were a part of his personal life you can’t know what he was truly like. Admiration for this creative artist whose medium was technology begs the question about what art really is. We don’t think of creating an operating system as art necessarily, but it is!

Creativity is the act of being in the “flow” as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian-born researcher from the University of Chicago has discovered. That place where we lose track of time, don’t hear or see others around us, and just demand to be left alone. Creativity transcends the ordinariness of life and is the reason we are here… to feel the joy that it brings.

Sometimes we drive ourselves, fighting the voice that urges us to stop and rest. In the flow of creative times the soul is being fed, energy is conserved, not spent. We “flow” into the process and there is no resistance.

When people talk about work/life balance, they aren’t talking about short-changing the creative process. Your body is the best guide for knowing the difference between over-doing it and truly being in the flow. If you feel tired and your body says “stop”, listen. Conversely, when you feel like you could do what you are doing forever, you don’t feel tired and it is not because you had three 5-Hour Energy drinks, most likely you are in the flow. Just enjoy it, ride it out and then, rest up for the next burst of creative joy!

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