Is Creativity a Selfish or Selfless Act?

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We get a brilliant idea and the moment it happens, we begin writing our story about just what it means. It takes shape based on our vision. We see the outcome or the product completed and the juices are flowing, endorphins are our friend. It is “mine, all mine” ! 


Then reality comes roaring in. Our team meets and  they aren’t smiling.  You can see the doubt written all over their faces, and then they start firing questions…the unholy “HOW’S?” Who cares about HOW? It is a GREAT idea, perfect just the way it is.  What is wrong with them? Why can’t they see it?


The old “lizard brain” kicks in and we just want to kick their a– for doubting our fabulous idea. This is called “fight or flight” and though it has a really important function to keep us alive when we are crossing a street looking at our mobile devices, now it might be keeping us from seeing clearly.


Holding on to your idea while allowing others to kick it around, ask questions, play devil’s advocate or just plain disagree with you will almost always result in an even better outcome.Though it only takes  one “genius” to generate a great idea, it will take many people to make it a reality.


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