I Wish There Were More Hours in the Day!

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Failure lauded


I hear this all the time from clients trying to juggle their work and family responsibilities and I understand the idea of that. Truth is though, that more hours wouldn’t restore their balance or their bodies. Nature gave us this framework and a body that with some care will last a lifetime, but no extended warranty comes with it.

Cities build more roads with the intention of making life easier for drivers and what  happens…people buy more cars. That’s exactly what would happen if nothing changes in your life and someone saw fit to give you yet more time each day. You see, it isn’t about adding hours but about asking yourself what changes you need to make in your life to create sanity and joy. Even if you’re 30, the body can only give you what it’s got. Sleeping, eating well, exercising, slowing down despite the city life, children’s demands or that drive to be the best your company has ever seen…that’s what “does a body good.”

What would it mean if you decided that your health was the most important thing in your life? How successful can you be when your immune system goes into lock down because it is plain and simply out of gas? Will you be a stellar parent when you lack the energy needed to feel the joy among the predictable stress of parenthood?

Ask yourself this question as you go through your day today…when you begin to feel the stress building, ask yourself the all-important question, “How important is it, really?”. Most things simply aren’t 9-1-1 but we forget that. If the answer is “not really that big a deal in the scheme of things”, take a deep breath and remember what really matters in life and give that time that you do have in your days and nights to those important people and things. That’s life!

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