His First Night Alone

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I remember it as one of the most agonizing nights of my life. I knew it had to happen. So, I took a deep breath and put him in his crib for his first night “alone”.

Last night I “coached” my youngest son through that same agony, aware that this separation was one of his son’s  first “life transitions”. Some would say it is inevitable… change… and that life is full of changes They would be right. But, what they miss is knowing that change is a done deal while transitions are emotional and often confusing.

Can you recall times in your early life when major changes happened? Perhaps your family moved to a new city, parents separated or divorced, your husband went off to war or your first love dumped you. When you think about those times, you can feel the emotion roll in. 

How we experienced earlier transitions in our lives continue to predict the way we respond to them later in our lives. That lost love may have constructed a fence that nobody could scale. You may feel that you can’t make it alone after divorce or the death of a partner. 

Navigating retirement, a job layoff or decision to “do something more fulfilling”,  risking  it all for love can happen without undue struggle. It can be a great adventure and one that will leave you feeling as if you are happy in ways you’ve never experienced! 

So, give me a call and let’s talk about getting you from where you are to where you want to be.


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