Can You Have Success and A Life?

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There  are people out there who will tell you it is impossible to have a successful venture and have a life beyond your inbox. Beware of anyone who tells you that! 

If you notice who writes  the articles, speaks at accelerator conferences and generally perpetuates the myth that success can only come at  great cost to you and everyone and everything that matters in your life, it is the entrepreneur who has made it to the top of the heap where words are cheap.

When we throw ourselves into our dream of retiring at 30 as the creator of the “next best thing” and we fail to remember that we need our health, our friends and our family to support us along the way, what does life look like on a daily basis? We work until the wee hours of the morning, downing Red Bulls, ignoring what really matters over time…and we go home

To an empty house

To darkened bedrooms where our children are already asleep

To the waiting arms of our partner, and we are too tired to even think about making love

To two martinis and a dog that realllly needed to go out and couldn’t wait for you

And the happiness and exhilaration we felt when we left the office fades to black.

You see, that happiness of the hunt doesn’t last. It is the people who love and care about us, our dogs and cats who need us and bodies that need to sleep and rest that truly matter. We can’t put those parts of our lives on hold in striving for success. It is those very things that will give us the stamina and drive we need to make our dreams come true. 


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