Authenticity Always Leads to Success

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“Before I made this record, I was doing everything to try and get my music heard,” Smith said. “I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music and it was only until that I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.” 

Quote from Sam Smith’s acceptance speech at the 2015 Grammy Awards Show


Sam Smith 2

Creative people all seem to share the fear of showing up as themselves. Do we believe that we are incapable of producing the wonderful and miraculous works of art that seem to appear “from nowhere”? This Imposter Complex haunts many of us. “If only they knew the real me…”

Remember, the “real you” created that new app, proposed the idea that changed the direction of your company and led to an incredible new product. It wasn’t someone else, it was YOU! 

When you are tempted to downplay your talent, stop and remember you are the real thing. When you show up as yourself, the whole world will celebrate with you and most of all, you will feel the joy you deserve for all that hard work. 

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