1. Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! The road for creative people includes conflict. Hiding your head in the sand will decrease productivity. Deal with it quickly and effectively..remove the bumps on the road to your company’s success (goals)!
  2. Layoffs, Outplacing, Offboarding…When it is time to go, make it a win/win for everyone! Show your outplaced employees your appreciation and get their continuing brand loyalty. Give them the tools and support they need to transition from your company to their next best thing…
  3. Individual Support and Coaching: Dogs die, relationships are affected by the face pace, long hours and EOA (Exhaustion on Arrival), health issues happen and there is fallout at the office. Companies thrive when their people are “all there” every day. Performance, productivity, health and job satisfaction increase when employees can talk with someone safe and supportive.

For Individuals and Couples

Often people find themselves wondering: Where did the time go? Today’s fast-paced work world is exciting and creative. It is also exhausting and challenging for everyone. Not getting enough sleep? Work affecting your relationship with your partner? Feeling less and less motivated to get up in the morning? Taking more coffee and energy drinks to keep up the hours and the pace? Worried about layoffs? Don’t know where to go next?